The Compendium

This is a collection of resources that I use regularly. I wanted to provide you with them in an easily accessible manner so you can benefit from them as well.

Just click on a tool to go to their website.



This is the best reference manager that I've found. I use it to keep track of the papers and other scientific material I read.


This tool has, in many ways, greatly improved my ability to create and think.


I use Anki to augment my memory. It is the best tool for handling flashcards that I've found; and it's free & open source.


Brilliant tool for revisiting what you've read. Although, I mostly use it as a database to store highlights and notes, which I export to Obsidian.

Time Management


This is the best time tracking tool that I've been able to find.

Google Calendar

I've started using this more. I mostly use it to plan my courses and manage meetings. But I track most of my tasks on Notion.

Health Apps


I do Intermittent Fasting (IF) almost every day. When I'm not doing it, I'm probably doing an extended fast or One-Meal-a-Day (OMAD). This is the best fasting tracker that I have come across.


As of the time I’m writing this, I’ve tracked a total of 471 workouts with Strong. I do not think that any workout tracking can even measure up to Strong. It just does so much.

Windows Apps


This has become my primary browser. It just has so much customization and so many great features.


A powerful utility program that has many different features. My favorite is FancyZones, which lets me create window layouts - fantastic for ultra wide monitors.


Easily launch anything program or document with a simple shortcut.