Notion Templates

Notion is insanely powerful. But it can be a bit daunting to set up things for yourself.
Here I share my Notion templates. Feel free to duplicate and tailor them to your needs.

Notion LifeOS

The ultimate collection of Notion Systems.

Content Management System

The ultimate content management system for managing your articles, videos, newsletters, and more.

School Page

My system for organizing my academic life with Notion.

Allows you to track your semesters, classes & projects, and your lectures & assignments.
Includes template for taking notes on each class you have.

Book Tracker

Easily track the books you've read or want to read. Includes a progress tracker so you can see how many pages you've read.📕

Workout Tracker

This AIO Workout Tracker supports cardio, body weight, and weight training.
You can track duration, pace, and distance for cardio workouts. It automatically calculates the pace.
For bodyweight and weight training, you can track reps, sets, weight - automatically calculates total weight lifted, total repetitions performed, and 1RM.

Book Notes

Built to encourage reflection and deep processing of books you've read.

If you read books to learn, this is the template for you.
The template makes it easy to fill in and summarize the main points for later review.

Week Planner

Template for planning out your weekly activities. Features daily checklists for day-to-day planning as well as milestones & goals for the entire week.

Built with reflection in mind: it includes a range of questions for weekly reflection.

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