How to use QuickAdd for Obsidian - with examples

24 July, 2021 | 3 min read

I have made a plugin for Obsidian called QuickAdd, which I'm very excited to show you.

What is QuickAdd? QuickAdd, at its core, is just a plugin for quickly and easily adding notes to your vault. This may be entirely new notes, or something that you want to take note of in an existing note.

It provides lots of ways to do that, and that's what I'm here to talk about today.

Why QuickAdd? QuickAdd can help you augment both your simple and advanced workflows.

Take a simple workflow. You want to add something to your daily note — but you're in the middle of writing something else and don't want to interrupt your flow by going into your daily note and back. You can use QuickAdd to add it to the daily note without ever leaving your note or moving your cursor. And I'll show you how.

Examples covered

  • Capture to daily journal
  • Create a new file from template
  • Create a new note to a Kanban Board (with values) and persistence

Advanced concepts

  • Install the Zettelizer
  • Show QuickAdd API
  • Show inline JS and how to use API with it


Is there a way to trigger quickadd from outside using an url scheme? If not, do you think it would be a welcome feature to add?

Yes, there is a plugin called Advanced Obsidian URI which allows for this. But I have been considering adding the feature to QuickAdd itself, which would allow me more control - so I can add more features and such.

Is it not possible to edit the name of a QuickAdd Entry after creation?

Yes, just click on it.

How do Templater and QuickAdd compare? How are both best used? What cannot be done with QuickAdd?

Templater works differently from QuickAdd, although many features overlap.

Since QuickAdd supports Templater templates, you can use (almost) all Templater features through QuickAdd.

How both are best used depends on your use case. I can't really answer what you can't do - it depends on what you actually _do_ want to do.

Is QuickAdd the right name for the scope of what it can do?

Maybe. I considered calling it Engine when I started creating it, which would probably be a more fitting name.

What is the vision for the future of QuickAdd?

I just want it to be the best plugin it can be. I have a massive backlog of things I want to do (for all my plugins), but unfortunately, I have more ideas than I have time.

What is the capability of using quickadd to create slides for a presentation?

I don't really understand this question, unfortunately. Sorry!

Are there any templates that ship with the add-in as examples of more complex functionality or features? A brilliant feature of OneNote is that you can create a Meeting Minutes page that has the subject, time, attendees, agenda as a starting point. Could this be achieved with QuickAdd?

Sure, you could create a template for that. It would be similar to the one I showed for Kanban cards.

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