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Recent editions

Mental Models: Via Negativa & Reciprocity


A thread on the basics of Dataview, mental models I'm using, and some personal news.

Design the defaults and don't negotiate with yourself


Book notes on How To Become a Straight A-Student, tweet on perfectionism, and why you should design systems.

PodNotes 2.0, Sherlock Holmes & Mental Models, and Benjamin Franklin


Major PodNotes release with offline features & native note-creation. Sherlock Holmes and how he acquired his mental models.

Walden by Thoreau, PodNotes creating notes, and new tools


Walden, PodNotes can now create notes & timestamps, a question for you, and cool new tools.

Creating Idea Emergence & Why the 10.000 Hour Rule is Wrong


And why productivity apps that do too much often fail.

Digital forest of Notes & Without Their Permission


How I'm creating a digital forest of notes. Book notes on Without Their Permission. PodNotes out of beta. Memento Mori.

Plato's Republic, PodNotes, and quality great works


The Republic by Plato, PodNotes, and top quality old ebooks.

Second brains, being perfect, and seeking advice


How to be Perfect. Building a Second Brain. Learn from those only a few steps ahead of you. Seeking advice but never taking action is a waste of time.

PodNotes: podcast notes made easy & Learning from giants


PodNotes is a plugin that makes it easier to write notes on podcasts. It can be used anywhere: both on your computer and your mobile device.

The best productivity systems manage friction


and how to increase your leverage to become more productive.