Notes on


by Adam Grant

Instead of accepting the default, you take a bit of initiative to seek out an option that might be better. And that act of initiative, however tiny, is a window into what you do at work.

The hallmark of originality is rejecting the default and exciting whether a better option exists.

Entrepreneurs take CALCULATED risks.

Successful originals often Begin by questioning defaults and balancing risk portfolios.

If you want to be original, the most important thing is to sit a lot of work. Do a huge volume of work. Try .

The best way to get better at judging our ideas is to gather feedback. Put a lot of ideas out there and see which ones are praised and adopted by your target audience.

To change the situation, exit and voice are the only viable alternatives. Exit being leaving the situation and voice being speaking up.

Being a settler is better then being a pioneer. Don't be the first to do something - improve it.

"moving first is a tactic, not a goal" - Peter Thiel in zero to one. "Being a first mover doesn't do you any good if someone else comes along and unseats you."

The lesson is that is you have an original idea, it's a mistake to rush with the sole purpose of beating your competitors to the finish line.

Sprinting is a fine strategy for a young genius, but becoming an old master requires the patience of experimentation to run a marathon.

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